Best Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum Reviews

Commercial vacuum cleaners have a rather different structure and way of functioning than a regular cleaner.

Not only that, they are much more durable and long-lasting than the ones we use at our household. And more importantly, these cleaners are very powerful and super careful when it comes to cleaning.

But what really is the difference? How is a commercial vacuum cleaner different from a regular one? And how do I know when I buy it?

To get an answer to all of these questions, we have brought to you all the necessary things you need to know before buying yourself a commercial vacuum cleaner and why you buy one, to begin with. So, keep reading ahead!

What is a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

What is the best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaners are basically vacuum cleaners that are used for commercial cleaning. Unlike household vacuum cleaners, these ones are more durable and versatile with better suction.

It also has a commercial cord attached with it. This type of vacuum cleaners has power cords that are usually longer than the ones we use at home. Overall, these vacuum cleaners are built to be much stronger and long-lasting.

Why Do You Need A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, if you are in commercial cleaning or even running a hotel or restaurant business, a commercial vacuum cleaner is a must-have among your cleaning equipment. And with different types of places, you need to get a cleaner that can tailor to your needs. Here are some reasons you might need a vacuum cleaner!

1. For A More Professional Clean

As commercial vacuum cleaners can give you a more powerful and professional clean, this is a must-have for professional level cleaning. This is why most cleaning businesses or janitorial services use commercial vacuum cleaner over the household ones.

2. When You Need To Clean For A Long Time

Commercial vacuum cleaners have the capacity to work for a long period of time. So if you own a restaurant or even a small shop that needs thorough cleaning every day, you should get yourself a commercial vacuum cleaner.

These cleaners can work efficiently for a long period of time without losing its capacity to clean. Not only that, but the long usage of the cleaner will also not decrease its working ability for a long time!

3. When There Is A Lot Of Area To Cover

Usually, when there is a lot of areas to cover, a commercial vacuum cleaner will have the features to get the cleaning work done easily.

Firstly, the cord of a commercial cleaner is kept very long so you can clean a big space with ease. It also tends to have a bag with a higher germ capacity and better suction. The filters of these things are also more thorough than others.

In general, getting one of these vacuum cleaners if you own a small restaurant or plan to start a business will help take care of the cleaning part. And with small businesses, it is crucial to saving as much money as possible. In that case, a commercial cleaner will save the day as it is beginner-friendly as well!

Things You Should Consider Before Buyinghow to pick a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Before you buy yourself a commercial vacuum cleaner, there are some things you should consider. This will help you buy yourself a good commercial vacuum cleaner that matches with the features you need.

It will require you to do nothing more than take a close look at the space you are planning to clean. So let us see what things you should consider before you buy a commercial vacuum cleaner!

1. Bag Or No Bag?

Although there are perks of going both ways, it is important that you pick the right one for you. With a bag, you will be able to keep all your dirt in one place and throw them away accordingly. You can also buy a bag with more dirt capacity. The overall result is a reduction in filter maintenance.

However, a bag will cost you additional money and you will need to change it from time to time. On the other hand, when you go bagless you there will be less waste since you will not have to throw away the bags.

This will also reduce the cost of buying a bag. But this will require you to get an additional filter and also cleaning the canisters will cause exposure to all the dirt and germs.

2. Filter

Usually, the filters of all the commercial vacuum cleaners are very strong and thorough. However, the ones that are known as HEPA filters are the best ones in the market. These filters do not need to be removed as frequently.

Not only that, they are able to take care of even microscopic level of germs from the floors or carpets that you clean.

3. Cord Length

The cord length is something you must keep in mind when buying a commercial vacuum cleaner. As you will be cleaning a large space, you need to get a cleaner that has a long enough cord for whatever room you are buying it for. So, remember to take a look at your room before you buy a cleaner for you.

4. Type Of Floor

Usually, the floor type or what you will need to clean is an important thing to consider before buying a commercial cleaner. First of all, if you are planning to clean a hard floor then do not buy yourself a canister type of cleaner as they will need additional parts to work.

Secondly, if you have a lot of edges to clean, then we recommend you to not buy an upright vacuum cleaner. The brush roll is also something you need to consider.

5. Noise Control

Noise control is a feature that varies from one device to another. But most importantly, which one you need to buy depends on the type of place you are cleaning. If you are cleaning a restaurant or shop after visiting hours, you can get yourself a machine with a normal noise level.

But if you are buying a cleaner for cleaning a hotel, look out for the ones that have a noise level below 55 dB.

It is highly important to keep these things into consideration before you go shopping. If you have some information before you pick the commercial cleaner you like, it will be much easier to filter out options that would not work out and also find a device that is perfect for cleaning your desired space.

Some Additional Tips

The right commercial vacuum cleaner is the one that fulfills all of your requirements. So, in order to help you find the ideal commercial vacuum cleaner, here are some useful tips.

  • Before going to buy yourself a commercial vacuum cleaner, take a look at the space you will be cleaning.
  • When you are at the shop, look at the power cord first. Although most of them are pretty long, buy yourself the one that you would be most comfortable to work with.
  • Next, see if the cleaner needs a bag or does not. If you are alright with having to change the bag every now and then, you can get yourself the one with a bag. Otherwise, get the bagless cleaner.
  • Take a look at the filter that has been used in the vacuum cleaner. Usually, the commercial type needs a good filtration system, so make sure to buy a HEPA filtering system.
  • Keep in mind that there may be additional parts the device needs or parts that will need to be changed.
  • Lastly, look at the height and special features of the commercial vacuum cleaner. The comfort of the user matters as well.

After you are done going through these steps and pick a winner, consider staying within your budget. Although most commercial cleaners are around the same price, some shops might increase the price to a high amount.

So, remember to do some research before you go to buy. Otherwise, if you follow this guide, then it will be easy for you to buy yourself the right vacuum cleaner!


A commercial vacuum cleaner is necessary cleaning equipment for anyone that owns small business, shop, hotel or even planning to start one of these soon. Even if someone is working in cleaning services, this will be a huge help to them.

On the contrary, as cleaning through a janitorial service will cost you a good amount of money, you can easily clean your desired space without spending too much money.

So, if you are someone who wants to get a more professional clean for your rooms or workspace, get yourself a commercial vacuum cleaner right away!

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